Establishing a 100% foreign owned company in accordance with the law is very detailed and strict, the implementation of the steps of the process is related to the system of forms and different functional management agencies. For the convenience of our customers, we advise step by step on the process of establishing a 100% foreign owned company.

BCC Group is the pioneer company providing the service of establishing a 100% foreign owned company with professional qualifications and experienced staffs, lawyers we have established and supports many companies have been Stable and developed.

Advising to establish a 100% foreign owned company quickly

If you are in need of a foreign company or apply for an investment certificate, please contact us via Hotline: 0913 100 223, or you can leave the information we will send staff for advice, Support and answer any questions for you.

BCC Group pledges to bring the best satisfaction to customers when using the service and cooperation with us.

1. Consultancy before the establishment of the company

Model Consultant and Corporate Structure.
How to operate and operate.
Legal advice on the relationship between managerial positions.
Consulting the rights and obligations of members / shareholders.
Consultancy Rate and method of capital contribution.
Consultation on profit sharing and settlement of arising obligations.
Consultant Other relevant content.

2. Company Establishment Process

Apply for business license with Business Registration Office.
Register the company round seal at the police.
Register tax code with tax authorities.
Registration of import and export codes (if necessary).

3. Procedures after establishment

To make initial tax registration with the specialized tax authorities within the time limit prescribed in the tax identification number transfer slip.
To buy VAT invoices with tax offices.

Post-establishment support services

  • Private lawyer service in 06 months.
  • Free legal services and legal newsletters 24/7 for 06 months.
  • Management consulting: 02 months.
  • 30% off all service fees incurred and services after expiration.

Are you having a good business idea? Do you want to set up a 100% foreign owned company? You worry about the process, the complicated administrative papers do not know how to do? Or are you worried about costs? Please contact BCC Group, we will consult free and provide services to establish the best package company and the lowest cost for you.

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