First Certificate of Certificate of Certificate

For investment projects to officially go into operation, the procedure for obtaining investment certificates is always the top priority. BCCGroup ensures prompt, accurate and efficient delivery of services.

For investment projects to officially go into operation, the procedure for obtaining investment certificates is always the top priority. Law Firm, Legal Intelligence Law ensures to provide services quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Advising on the establishment of a 100% foreign owned company in Vietnam

Due to the fact that the work is done quite often in reality, people tend to observe, comment, draw experience to perform after convenient, save, have higher results than before, gradually make a validation process too. Genuine in the business, political, legal ..., as a series of works that will be completed to obtain something. Process concept is not set when there is only one active unit but only when there are many different activities that need to be done in the first format to complete a certain task.

If you have a need to establish a foreign-owned company or apply for an investment certificate without knowing about prestigious, specialized and low-paying units, please contact BCC GROUP. With our experienced staff, we have supported more than 700 large and small enterprises, bringing the best relationship, 100% customers are licensed business.

Consultant, apply for investment certificate

Foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam are established on the basis of foreign organizations and individuals wishing to set up companies with 100% foreign investment capital and cooperate with Vietnamese organizations and individuals to establish the company related. BCC Group, aiming to help businesses quickly and conveniently. Serviciary my given to process after:

1. Legal advice for each type of enterprise, which may:

  • Select a category business;
  • Models and business establishments;
  • Operating mode and operation;
  • Consultation of Relationship between List Management;
  • Rights and obligations of members / shareholders;
  • Tư vấn và Cơ bản tính;
  • Consultation of a family and development of children;
  • Consult other relevant content.

2. Curriculum vitae, Guidance - explaining the Investment Law

  • On the basis of requirements and customer documents provided we will analyze and evaluate the law, in accordance with the requirements of the work;
  • In the clients of the case to the consultant lawyer, exchange with clients of clients in the capital of foreign capital, chúng sẽ được sắp xếp, hãy gure sure bạn có thể yêu cầu yêu cầu;
  • We are representing the customer service, company of papers are related.

3. Completing the dossier and applying for investment certificate:

  • Consult and Completed Business cooperation / joint venture contract;
  • Invalid certificate of investment:
  • Settlement period;
  • Consulting and drafting company charter;
  • Compile list of members / shareholders list;
  • Written permission;
  • Provided papers of papers;
  • Other papers in other papers

4. Representatives carrying out the procedures:

  • Apply for certificate application;
  • Monitor the processing and notification of the result of the application;
  • I received a certificate of certificate at a Planning and Investment;
  • Progress to register the profile and business sign for business;
  • Employees of MKLAW will join the same business in Division 1 - Department of Planning and Investment to carry out the above task);
  • Enter your registration to tax data for business.

5. Consultancy on establishment of foreign companies:

  • Prepare legal documents for the enterprise;
  • Provide legal documents related to the request;
  • Instructions for tax and tax;
  • Instructions manual before working in the company's jobs

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  • 100% first advised for business
  • It does not get the money.
  • No cost incurred
  • Wrong and legal paper when the legal and legal rules.
  • Free consultation in business operations

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