Establishing a wholly foreign-invested company in Ho Chi Minh City, under the current law, is a form of investment in which foreign investors are allowed to carry out investment projects in a number of fields in certain fields. in the form of investment with 100% foreign capital in Vietnam.

You are planning to establish a 100 foreign owned company. And there are foreigners who want to contribute capital, invest in business cooperation with you. But the procedure for establishing a company with foreigners in Vietnam is complex and difficult. Therefore, to provide and help customers, investors understand and implement the work of opening companies more easily, BCC Group Corporation was born and developed consulting services and accelerated too. Apply for investment license for companies with foreign elements.

Procedures for issuance of investment certificates, establishment of foreign capital companies

Foreign investors wishing to conduct investment activities in Vietnam must have investment projects, carry out the procedures for granting investment registration certificates and satisfying the prescribed conditions. Foreign investors may invest in Vietnam in the form of establishing an economic organization with 100% capital or a lower proportion of foreign investors in Vietnam. Foreign investors may set up economic organizations in accordance with the provisions of law.

The Investment Law of 2014 (Article 22) provides that, prior to the establishment of an economic organization (also referred to as the establishment of an enterprise), a foreign investor must have an investment project and carry out procedures for the grant of a certificate. investment according to regulations. Thus, the first condition for foreign investors to invest in Vietnam is to have an investment project, followed by the procedures for issuing investment certificates, to establish an enterprise. In fact, foreign investors, when carrying out investment activities in Vietnam, must carry out two procedures, namely:

Procedures for granting investment registration certificates: according to the Investment Law of 2014; and the procedure for issuing enterprise registration certificates: according to Enterprise Law No. 68/2014 / QH13 dated 26/11/2014 (Enterprise Law 2014).

The work of BCC Group when the establishment of foreign companies

Step 1: Apply for investment registration

Consult the client to prepare necessary documents for investment registration.
To compile investment registration dossiers according to regulations.
Explain the ability to satisfy conditions that the investment project must meet in accordance with the law.
Economic and technical explanations of the main contents related to the investment project.
To submit the investment registration dossier to the competent agency.
Obtaining investment license at the investment license issuing body.
Step 2: Carry out the procedures for establishing the enterprise

Consultant to prepare the necessary documents to register the establishment of enterprises.
Advice on tax obligations for businesses.
To compile the dossier of enterprise establishment registration according to regulations.
Apply for registration of establishment of enterprises at competent agencies.
Mark and seal specimen registration for businesses.
Carry out initial tax registration procedures for enterprises.
To monitor the handling process and notify the results of the submitted dossiers.
The work of customers when establishing foreign-owned companies

Provide information, records:

Information relating to the organization / individual investing;
Investment capital, investment progress;
Business location;
Provide information, records:

Documents explaining the financial capacity of investors;
Written certification of the legal status of the investor;
Documentation of business location;
Other documents depend on each specific project.
Quotation of service charges for establishment of foreign capital companies

For information and quotation, please provide BCC Group with the following information:

Name of organization / individual investing?
Nationality of organization / individual Investor?
Prospects for business investment?
Estimated investment capital?
Where to invest?
Please contact the BCC Group for instructions and detailed pricing. BCC Group is a leading provider of high-quality, reputable, and fast-start-up services for foreigners with the lowest cost of services.

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